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Our firm’s goal for our personal injury clients is to help you through the legal challenges of your accident,
as well as the financial, physical, and emotional issues that can result.

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Why should I hire an attorney and what does contingency basis mean?

Insurance adjusters will often offer someone with an attorney MORE than if they have no attorney.  An experienced personal injury attorney will know what your injury claim is worth and will negotiate with the insurance companies to make sure you receive a maximum settlement for your claim.

“Contingency Basis” means that you do not pay up front for anything related to your claim.  Instead, the attorney handles all costs related to the case and is ONLY paid if he recovers anything for YOU.

How we operate for you.

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Consultations for personal injury matters are free. Business litigation consultations are billed at an hourly rate and the consultation fee may be waived depending on your case.

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Starting Your Case

Once we accept your case our office will handle all communications with the insurance companies regarding your personal injury claim.

What Happens Next?

It is very important that you seek medical attention if you are experiencing any symptoms. Insurance companies will not compensate you without medical treatment. You continue to treat with health care providers until all medical complaints are resolved. If you do not have health insurance we can make arrangements for you.

Trial Or Settle?

Once you complete your medical treatment your claim will be valued and a demand sent to the insurance company. We order all medical records and value your case based on prior cases with similar injuries.  If the insurance company does not offer you a fair settlement we will file suit.  The majority of cases do not go to trial; however, we prepare as if your case will go to trial. This forces the insurance company to settle your claim for a higher amount to avoid going to court. If a settlement cannot be reached we will litigate your case to reach maximum compensation for you.


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Practice Areas

Personal Injury

If you were injured in an accident at no fault of your own, you will need a skilled attorney to deal with the insurance company and their team of experts. We will help ensure your property damage to your vehicle is paid quickly so you can be inconvenienced as little as possible. We can also recommend the best physician for your injury. In addition, we have medical experts at our disposal who can serve as witnesses in your case and help prove your injuries are directly related to your accident and will have an impact on your future. Because most personal injury cases are contingency based, you will only pay us if we recover a settlement on your claim. (See also the other accident-specific categories as they apply for additional information.)

Auto Accidents

Not all injuries caused by auto accidents are noticeable until days after the accident. Often whiplash or neck injury victims will feel fine at the accident scene but be in pain days later. It’s important to contact your attorney and document any medical attention and injuries sustained; the more information we have results in a stronger argument for your case. Our firm specializes in auto accidents and will assist with recovering the maximum financial compensation for treatment of injuries, loss of wages, and property damage that can occur when you are the victim of an auto collision.

Dog Bite

Most dog bites go unreported and uncompensated, even though home insurance coverage is typically involved. If you are the victim of a dog bite, take photos of the injury and document any medical treatment sought. We can assist in evaluating your claim, whether it just be for compensation for medical treatment or if your claim includes lost income, loss of future income, and/or physical disfigurement. We will negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf to receive maximum financial compensation for your injuries.

Drunk Drivers

If you are the victim of a car accident with what might be a drunk driver, pay close attention at the scene of the accident and tell the officers if you noticed the driver swerving, drifting, or erratically driving prior to the accident. As a victim, you do not need to prove that the driver was legally intoxicated; only that his mental or physical abilities were impaired by alcohol or drugs and led to the accident. Victims of drunk drivers in Louisiana can be awarded punitive damages in addition to compensation for injuries. That means a judge or jury can award you compensation for your injuries and property loss as well as for losses due to inability to work and/or mental and physical suffering as a result of the accident. You will need a skilled trial attorney to prove your case in order to win the maximum cash award possible.

Truck / 18-Wheeler Accidents

An accident involving a large truck, 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer, tanker truck, bus, cargo truck, or construction vehicle requires immediate investigation to protect and preserve crucial evidence. We have expert witnesses at our disposal to combat the trucking company’s own team of investigators who are savvy at ensuring their company doesn’t pay. We will search for eyewitnesses, skid marks, accident debris, and fluid stains to prove your case—all of which can disappear quickly, which is why you should contact us as soon as possible. It is not uncommon for both the truck driver as well as the trucking company both to be at fault for some form of negligence. A skilled personal injury attorney will have knowledge of specific federal and state laws that apply to truck drivers and companies (but do not apply to regular automobile drivers) to make sure you are protected and recover the maximum amount for your injuries.


We can help you evaluate your non-criminal/civil issue and determine if it could be best handled in a courtroom setting, or through dispute resolution. We can also advise if you will have a good chance of successfully achieving a win.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists in accidents with negligent drivers will almost always suffer extensive injuries. Broken bones, neck injuries, loss of limbs, burns, disfigurement, brain & spine injuries, and even wrongful death can all be the result of a collision between a motorcyclist and a vehicle. The cost of such an injury can be extensive as you are faced with loss of income, current or long-term medical care, as well as rehabilitation and therapy. It is our job to prove the other driver’s negligence and recover the maximum amount for your financial and physical losses.

Slip And Fall

The property owner’s negligence often plays a part in causing a slip and fall accident. You will need a skilled attorney who understands the statute of limitations for filing a slip and fall lawsuit in the state of the accident, as well as the “comparative negligence” rule (which limits how much you can recover if you are in some part responsible for the accident). It is important you have an attorney who can make a case showing the property owner caused the fall in order to compensate you for medical bills, lost wages, and in some cases pain and suffering and make sure you receive the maximum amount possible for your injury.

Wrongful Death

When someone is killed, whether by someone’s negligence or intentional act, it is considered wrongful death. A skilled attorney will have to prove the victim’s death was caused by a lack of duty of care by the defendant. The survivors of the deceased can file the wrongful death claim in order to collect damages as compensation for: funeral and burial costs, loss of the deceased’s expected income, the deceased’s pre-death pain and suffering and medical costs, and lost companionship. An experienced attorney is needed to handle wrongful death actions as they involve complicated areas of the law and typically result in large sums being awarded.